Family branches:

 - Male line (Leon Dubikowski, CoA Ostoja) - general line from Oleg Prophetic (Veschiy) (~840-912) and one of his descendans Genghis Khan (line of his first son Jochi), 
- and also from Ostrogski, Sangushko & Dovsprung princes dynasty .  
 - Female line (Tamara Kukhta, CoA Swan)  - in one line from the family of the Irish Counts O`Mahony, ancestors of the Irish-Ruses dynasty Eoganahta - the tsars of Tara, Munster and Desmond, Raitlin and Picts in IV-X centuries; 
 - in another line - from the family of Lord Gualter de Somerville (1030), William the Conqueror (the first Norman tsar of England (1066-1087), a descendant of the ruler of Normandy and Count of Rouen Rollo) and Princess Gita of Wess (wife of Vladimir Monomakh);
- line from the Paleologues, direct descendants of the last emperor of Byzantium, in the line of one of the brothers of Sophia Paleolog (wife of Vasili II and grandmother of Ivan the Terrible). 
- in another line from the Chinese Nothern Han dynasty.

Family Coats of Armas

Pogon Ruska (Yaroslav Vise and Osrtogski first CoA)

Princes Ostrogski CoA

Pogon Litewska (princes Sangushko CoA)

Samogitia (land Zemaitia) CoA

Dubikowski family Ostoja CoA

Slawinski family Leliwa CoA

Khodakowski family Dolega CoA

Mankowski family Jastrzębiec CoA